Utilize science

Hire top talents, the key to successful talent acquisition is in the scientific method

Reduce cost per hire by up to 70%

Hire smartly, bad hire is unexpectedly costly, having a profound negative impact on both, productivity and team moral. By implementing recruiting best practices and supported technology, you may reduce cost per hire by up to 70%.

Boost productivity!

Have the right people in the right positions. Scientific comparison of job requirements defined by O*net database and candidates abilities, personality and interest!

Unbiased selection

Standardized, competency- based hire practice is essential in order to choose truly the best candidates and assure equal employment opportunities at the same time.

Make the right choice!

Speed up your selection by up to 50%. Prevent loosing top candidates due to slow selection

How will Total Assessment Expert System help you
make the right personnel decisions?

Digital Expert Psychometric System Total Assessment is based on the most advanced knowledge in psychology and represents a result of years of cooperative effort of a group of top scientists in the field of psychometric, as well as of ten years of research and application of practical experience.

Digitalized assessment of potential for professional development of your employees

Automated and unbiased employee candidate selection process

Team composition based on abilities, personal styles, interests and values

We are trusted by:

Digital: simple, fast, and reliable!

Our Expert System offers you the automation of routine aspects of the human resources process, gives you more time to focus on tasks that are worth your attention and significantly improves the process of selecting new candidates.
Psychological assessment has never been so simple!

The digital application brings:

Assessment of professional potential and tracking of professional competences development - all in one place

Automated process of preparation and implementation of testing, evaluation of results and compilation of personal reports

Remote testing of candidates via web platform (24 hours a day);

Automatically generated descriptions and interpretations of test results with the possibility of synthesizing and integrating them into your systems

Keeping track and development planning of behavioral and expert competences and annual interview documenting

Exporting reports in transparent editable formats suitable for public presentation and readers with different levels of expertise


With the help of Total Assessment Expert System, you will objectively and efficiently select the most suitable candidates for the final interview and further evaluation.

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predefined occupation profiles

> 30.000

candidates tested

24 hours/day

system availability



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